According to Vastu Shastra, the time of evening in Hinduism is a time in which people do some puja in the work of the household, according to Vastu Shastra.

If at home, if someone is shown doing such work in the evening, then Mata Lakshmi gets annoyed and she does not even look back at that house because the time of the evening is that whatever the positiveness of the house It goes away, if you do these 5 work evenings in the evening then be careful then you will be wasted.


All the positive energy of the house goes out in the evening and the house starts entering negativity, so if something falls off which becomes dirty then clean it with a bad cloth but do not avoid sweeping. Will not take much time.


It is said that in the evening, Mata Laxmi comes in every house to make a riddle and if she sees such situations in a home, she returns back and never sees it again.


In the evening, no person should sleep, because at that time every religion is worshiped and at that time a person sleeps, the gods and goddesses become annoyed, so that Lakshmi’s arrival does not occur in her house.

In any case, in the evening, any tree plant should not be tampered with. The Basil plant which is in Hindu religion and many people burn their lamps in the evening, they are absolutely wrong because Basil’s mother is getting water The time of the delivery is considered auspicious in the morning only.


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